About Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory Textiles offers a continuously evolving array of hand woven clothing and accessories. Combining locally sourced fibers, natural dye extracts, and traditional methods, I strive to create lasting beauty and timeless fashion. You see here a portfolio of possibilities: shawls, scarves, clothing, hats, and yardage for home fashion, woven from cotton, hand-dyed wool and silk, and other natural fibers.

Each thread is hand placed in a one of a kind composition, designed to evoke the movement and rhythm found in incoming tides, the turning of the seasons, and the interplay of darkness and light. Living in coastal Maine, surrounded by artisans of every kind, I am thrilled to be part of the Eco Fashion movement, creating cloth that is healthy for the planet, promotes local economies, and is fun to wear! Working by hand for the good of all is the essence of Bound for Glory. Let me create an heirloom piece for your own collection of beauty.
- Kelly Smith Barham